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A cat has more bones than a human; humans have 206, but the cat has 230 (some cites list 245 bones, and state that bones may fuse together as the cat ages).

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The Great 2012 Photo Release!

Our Hoomin Lady has a lot of pictures she’s been putting on Instagram and other places but not here. So instead of calling this a photo “dump,” which conjures up something all too familiar in the cat care world, she’s calling this a “release.” I guess she doesn’t want to think too much about our litterbox…

Just in case you are on Instagram, check us out! We’re under the hashtag moniker of #dabengalboyz.  You can also see photos in the Instagram tab on our Facebook page.

And now, the photo release!  Letting go of the last of 2012!










Our meowmy had started tagging our pictures on Instagram but now, she wonders about the new privacy changes. Hurry and check us out before she deletes them!!!  Do a search for #dabengalboyz.

Bengal cats get to sleep where they want. Right?

Da Lady Hoomin’s desk. Iz so warm and there are always lots of papers so it iz cozy.  But for some reason, she doesn’t like it that much when we nap there.

What? I’m comfy here.




“Maybe if we don’t look at her, she won’t notice us.”

Snuggly boyz

This is what the Hoomins found one day after dumping nice, warm laundry on a bed and then forgetting to fold it.

Arbuckle does yoga in his sleep


Bengals gotta snuggle!


Bengal pile up


“Who disturbs our slumber? Oh…da hoomins. With their camera.”


“Sigh. Go ahead. If you must.”


Raja: Arbuckle? Please. No. No more singing. My ears are hurting.


Arbuckle: Ok, Raja. Whatever you say. Buddies again?


…and back to sleep


And one more!

Silly hoomins gotta take one more picture…

Raja and Arbuckle get a fish tank

Da Hoomins bought a fish tank.  Of course, dey say it’s for dem but we know it’s really a buffet for us.

Da fishies are getting acclimated…when can we play?


Arbie, come see our new friends!


No, I like the tower right now.


You can tell me about the fish later


Arbie! I think I saw one moving in there!


Hey, fishies!



Meowmy has a new camera lens!

Our lady hoomin haz a new camera lens. Check out our new pics!

I very serious cat


Raja serious too


Raja loves scarves

Raja Bear likes his scarves!

Arbie had a good Caturday

Dis wuz me on Caturday

We haz a Tumblr now

When da Hoomin Lady told us we were going to have a Tumblr page, we thought she was talking about exercise. And we only exercise by chasing each other around right before we nap. So we weren’t that impressed.

But den, she showed us da pictures on there and now we’re happy!

Here is the latest picture, in case you are lazy and don’t want to click our link (Harumph!):

You know you want to

Wordless Wednesday: yet another picture of Arbuckle sleeping…

It’s always naptime for Arbie!